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  More and more customers choose to work with Fring,In order to improve our customer experience and management,Fring implemented Xiaoman CRM(Customer Relationship Management) from April 25th 2015.  

约拉,约啦,Fring深圳办公室开始招人了。外贸小伙伴们,约吗? Fring 是谁? 一句话 专业多功能汽车应急启动电源制造商 自有独栋工厂。世界制造之都东莞 9年老店     我们约什么样的小伙伴? 精通英文。(不用太好,能应付日常邮件和口语交流就成,又不是做同传) 两年左右...

Dear Valued Friends. We are pleased to announce that Fring is going to attend the China Sourcing Fair in coming April. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and take the opportunity to have a close look at our broad and innovated multi-functional car j...

In order to meet the expansion of business,Fring Electronics released the whole new website recently.the new website is We are looking forward to hearing from your valuable comments and feedback.